> Athena Baja Ha Ha 2006

Nellie's Halloween Hoot
Tela & Chris
His Ha Ha Majesty
The Cave Girls
Our Hostesses
Box Wine Man
Ancient Mariner Heads to Sea
Tracy at the Wheel
Headin' to Mexico
Chris, "There's Tijuana."
Tracy Looking Good
Picking Up Speed
Tela Can't See Where She is Going, but Goes Anyway
Foredeck Ain't So Hard
Dozens of Squid Joined the Crew the First Night
Athena in Turtle Bay, 11/2/06
Out of Luck at Turtle Bay
Volare Crew at Enrique's: Debbie, Milt, Greg & Gail
Athena Crew at Enrique's
Dinghy Landings at Turtle Bay Were Challenging
Turtle Bay Beach Party
Hangin' Out at the Beach Party
Missing Carmel?
Would You Believe the Same Plates?
Whoa! Am I Glad to Be on Land!
Beach Party
Tracy Tossing Water Balloons
Tracy Makes a Toss
A Hill With a View
Tug of War -- The Girls' Team
The Boys' Team
Playing Five Crowns at Turtle Bay -- Thanks Connie & Don
Leaving Turtle Bay
Rolling Down the Baja
Haul Away Maties
We Landed a Big One
Sunset at Sea
Free Cell
Chris At Work
Tracy at the Wheel
Bahia Santa Maria
Bahia Santa Maria
Athena at Bahia Santa Maria
On the Beach
More Beach
Beach Party at Bahia Santa Marie
In Line
Cats on a Hot Tin Roof